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Avi Gupta an Indian-American teen wins ‘Jeopardy!’ 2019 Teen contest
Avi Gupta

New York: An Indian-American teenager Avi Gupta has received $100,000 prize for winning the ‘Jeopardy!’ 2019 Teen tournament, America’s most-watched individual quiz show.

Avi Gupta, from Portland in Oregon, beat out three other Indian-American teens in the programme. The programme featured a total of 15 students. Gupta’s victory was televised on Friday. While he recently completed his high school, he was still a high school kid when the programme was recorded several weeks ago.

Avi Gupta defeated 3 other Indian-American teens in the contest.

During the show, Gupta told host Alex Trebek that people may question the value of having comprehensive knowledge about things as everything can be googled today [but] the having a storehouse of knowledge is important because arguments and ideas can be built only on facts, news agency IANS reported.

In recent years, Indian-Americans have won several popular student contests. The 2018 College Jeopardy quiz which also carried a prize of $100,000 was won by Dhruv Gaur. Another well-known geography contest National Geography Bee 2019 was won by Nihar Janga.

Last month, 7 of the 8 champions of the 2019 National Spelling Bee contest were of Indian-origin.

Science-related championships have also been dominated by Indian-Americans. Though there were no winners among them, 16 out of 30 finalists in the Regeneron National Science Talent Search, America’s top science contest, were of Indian descent. 8 out of the 30 finalists in the Broadcom Masters science contest for middle school students were Indian-Americans.