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‘Bhabi Ji Ghar par hai’ actress Saumya’s house catches fire, all safe
'Bhabi Ji Ghar par hai' actress Saumya's house catches fire, all safe

‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ actress Saumya Tandon’s house caught fire and the actress, along with her family members, is safe. “Lessons learnt…Never sleep with liquid mosquito repellent next to your bed…Never have loose connection things plugged in…Learn to use fire extinguishers, in fact, buy and keep it at home,” Saumya tweeted. She recently gave birth to a baby boy.

In a shocking turn of events, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actress Samya Tandon’s house caught fire last night. Fortunately, nobody from Saumya’s family got hurt but the actress admits that had she been a little more careful then this mishap wouldn’t have taken place. As she tweeted a picture of her house post the accident and captioned it saying, “Had fire in my house , lessons learnt 1. Never sleep with liquit mosquito replant next to your bed especially if it’s over take it off the switch 2. Never have loose connection things plugged in 3. Learn to use fire extinguishers infact buy n keep it at home now.”

It’s just been a month since Saumya has been blessed with a baby boy so we can only imagine how petrified she must have been seeing her house catch fire. Here, check out Saumya’s post below. PS: In another tweet, Saumya has also replied to a concerned friend saying, “Yes all safe , it was a freaky accident, wake up call for a lot of things we are careless about.”

Meanwhile, Saumya Tandon has also been in news for coming out clean in the Cobrapost sting operation that was conducted to expose celebrities who have been agreeing to promote a political party’s agenda on their social media pages in exchange for money. “Well, in my 12 years of career in the entertainment industry, there have been many times that I have been approached for either endorsing a political party especially closer to the elections or to rally for a particular candidate or talk about a particular party on social media or go attend their parties. I have never done that. I will never do that. Unless and until I truly believe in the person or the party because there are a lot of things that I do for money, but this is something I will never do for money.”, quoted the actress in an interview.