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Bigg Boss S13: No commoners this year-Salman Khan
Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss S13 has been revamped completely, scraping out the concept of commoners & instead of bringing in Television celebrities & even the Tik Tok celebrities.

Salman Khan might have treatened to leave Bigg Boss numerous times, however, after the last season [Bigg Boss season 12], it appeared that the show itself might just shut down due to the low TRPs. However no such thing is happening, if a report on BollywoodLife is something that can be considered.

[A] Source went on to tell the portal that Bigg Boss 13 is very much on the cards & also revealed some interesting details from the upcoming season. The source mentioned that getting commoners on the show has been scrapped out completely. For the uninitiated, the concept of bringing commoners on the show began since season 10. It was much appreciated that time after the makers experimented with the concept in season 1, 2 & 6.

[H]owever the audiences started to believe that the commoners were no commoners but people who have some connections with the industry, which disappointed them to a great extent. Hence the source went on to mention, “This decision has been taken after the debacle from last year, where the choices of the commoner participants were questioned blatantly.”

Bigg Boss

[T]he source mentioned that Television celebrities Vivek Dahiya, Jay Bhanushali & Mahhi Vij had been approached for the show. However, since Jay & Mahhi are expecting, they will not be part of the show, at least this year. On the brighter side, the makers are reportedly eyeing Tik Tok celebrities.

Bigg Boss 13 is set to go on air after three months. Salman Khan, who has his hands full with movies like Dabangg 3, Inshallah, a remake of [T]he Veteran, & Kick 2, is highly likely to appear on the show which he considers his own. It would, [H]owever, be a wonder how the superstar would manage so much at once.