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Dear Comrade Review: Romantic Rebellious Storyline
Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade is not the routine love story which you see on a regular basis. It is filled with emotions and shows how one needs to fight for what they believe in and support their partners no matter what. A rebellious love story, superb performances from the lead pair and well narrated social issue are basic assets of the film. The masses will find the viewing a bit difficult because of the length and slow narration but otherwise, this film has all the elements which make up for a decent watch.

Rating: ( 2.7 / 5 )

Dear Comrade begins with Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda), an impulsive college-goer and a rebel with a cause, who acts as a do-gooder, or a Comrade, within his campus. His inspiration (Bobby cites his grandfather’s stint as the main influence behind his activism) and the romantic spark between him and Aparna Devi alias Lily (Rashmika Mandanna).

In The love story between Bobby and Lily does not feel forced, as the performances makes them less syrupy and more grounded. You get to know that they are related through another hilarious heartbreak.

The conflict between Lily and Bobby feels a bit cliched.

The second half takes us to the aftermath of their conflict, which leads to a separation between the two. Bobby moves on and takes a journey, whereas Lily encounters a traumatic event that shatters her confident demeanor.

Vijay Deverakonda shows a great amount of range in portraying both the impulsive and the softer, boyish side of ‘Comrade’ Bobby while Rashmika Mandanna’s sensitive and emotional portrayal of Lily makes us feel for the character.

The Rebellious actions and message of the movie is conveyed in a synchronized manner but if we are going to watch this movie in comparison with Geeta Govindham & Arjun Reddy. Then this might be an awful movie.