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Female co-host to join Salman in Bigg Boss season 13: Report

Salman Khan will reportedly be joined by a female co-host for the upcoming season of reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. The actor, who has been the face of the show for a long time, felt that the move would add a new element to it, reports suggested. The 13th season of ‘Bigg Boss’ is reportedly slated to release on September 29.

For the past many seasons, Dabangg actor Salman Khan has been he faces of a television reality show Bigg Boss. However, that might be about to change. According to reports, the next season of Bigg Boss might have a female co-host joining Salman Khan. Salman Khan himself has asked for a female co-host.

Here’s what a source close to developments had to say about this decision:

“Salman felt that to add freshness to this year’s season, the makers should get a female co-host. Apparently, Salman might take a backseat and give his female co-host more exposure so that she can bring newness to the show. Nothing is concrete as of now, these are mere ongoing conversations.”

However, currently, there are no leads on who exactly the female co-host could be.

According to latest reports, Bigg Boss 13 is slated to premiere on 29 September, a day after the finale of Madhuri Dixit-led show Dance Deewane 2 airs on 28 September. However, there is no official announcement yet.

A report on quoted a source as saying, “They have officially discussed the date in the team, and usually September-October is when they look to begin. BB13 will start telecasting from September 29 this time and given that the show is usually a 15-week affair, the Grand Finale is expected to be around January 12, 2020.”

The 13th season of the show will witness another twist in the format in that all the contestants will be celebrities. The idea of pairing commoners with celebrities has been discarded as it did not work for the show last season. The set for Bigg Boss 13 this year has been moved to Goregaon, Mumbai from Lonavala.

Salman Khan is currently busy promoting his Eid offering Bharat, which releases on 5 June and stars him and Katrina Kaif.

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