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Hyderabad ranked the best city to live in India for consecutively 5th time in a row
Global Peace Index 2019

Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, on Wednesday was named the most liveable city in the country for the fifth consecutive year. Along with Hyderabad, Pune shares the honour this year too. However, globally, the cities dropped a rank lower than last year to occupy the 143rd position.

Every year, the global consulting firm Mercer releases the list of Quality of Living Ranking. The current ranking is its 21st edition of the annual survey. Annually, the company evaluated 231 cities across the globe between September & November. The ranking is on the basis of 39 factors including political stability, healthcare, education, crime, recreation & transport.

In 2019 ranking, Mercer provided separate rankings for personal safety, analysing the cities’ internal stability, crime levels, law enforcement and& limitations on personal freedom.

Chennai has been ranked the safest Indian city. It holds 105th in the world. Meanwhile, New Delhi is at the 162nd position on the list, Mumbai features at 154 & Bengaluru at 149.

The report has ranked 231 cities across the world with merely seven from India. Cites from Asia, West Asia and Africa have fared much better than India.

Vienna, Austria’s capital, tops the global ranking for the 10th year running. Zurich in Switzerland occupies the second position. The ranking influences cities’ abilities to attract business.

In West Asia, Dubai (74) continues to shine for its quality of living. Abu Dhabi (78) closely followed the suit.

The safest cities in the region are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Both are featured at the 73rd position. In Africa, Port Louis (83) was adjudged the most liveable city.