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Man claims Mumbai hotel charged ₹1,700 for 2 boiled eggs
Mumbai hotel

A Twitter user by the name of Kartik Dhar shared a picture of a bill, claiming that a five-star Mumbai hotel charged ₹1,700 for 2 boiled eggs. “2 eggs for ₹1700 at the @FourSeasons Mumbai…@RahulBose1…Bhai Aandolan karein?” he captioned the picture. Reacting to the tweet, a user wrote, “Is ande ke sath Sona bhi nikla hai kya?”

Mumbai: Recently actor Rahul Bose’s hotel bill video went viral on social media. He expressed dismay for being overcharged for a “food platter” of two bananas.

Now, another hotel has become the target of social media users after a Twitter user shared a picture of a Mumbai hotel bill. The bill shows that the man was charged Rs 1700 for two boiled eggs.

Twitter user @KartikDhar tagged Rahul bose in his tweet and asked, “Bhai Aandolan karein?

Take a look at the bill:

The tweet which is going viral has been flooded with hilarious comments. Here are some of the reactions:

A user asked, “Is ande ke sath Sona bhi nikla hai kya? (Did the hen give gold along with the eggs?)

While another said, “Chicken must be from a very rich family.”

A third user wrote, “I’m willing to bring salt, oil and pepper from home. Even pay 5 rupees for gas cost.”

Yet another joked, “Dinosaur ka anda tha bhai 1700 toh kaafi reasonable hai! (1700 is a reasonable price as it was a dinosaur’s egg)

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Credits: Times Now