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Mulk Movie Review: A torchlight in the dark arena
MULK Movie

For me this movie was like “A torchlight in the dark arena”

Don’t Consider the IMDb Rating of this movie, some people deliberately made the ratings down.

The movie begins decently. Marriage Anniversary party in the house. The Characters are Rishi Kapoor as ” Murad ali Mohammad, Manoj Pahwa “Bilal”as the younger brother of Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu as bahu of the house “Aarthi Mohammed”

The Plot of the movie is based on how the loyalty of the Indian Muslim towards their own country is questioned. Even the Close family friends & Neighbours suddenly become judgmental about them, and their life is torn apart. Anubhav Sinha’s “MULK portrays the trials and tribulations of one such family.
The movie starts with the Marriage anniversary of “Murad Ali“. The very next day of the party in the house, son of “Bilal” Prateik Babbar “Shahid” says that he is going to watch the cricket match of India vs. some other country and the family agrees. As a parent, Bilal fails to keep his eye on his son and Shahid with his 2 friends explode bomb in the city of Varanasi. More than 15 people died and police started searching for them. Encounter Specialist “SSP Danish” Rajat Kapoor encountered 2 members already and was searching for Bilal. Later even after the surrender of Shahid, SSP Danish didn’t stop and executed him too.

And this incident will completely take a U-turn on the whole family. The Loyalty of the Muslims are Questioned & every incident happened in the country is named as a Terrorist attack by Muslim Community.

Taapsee Pannu “Aarthi Mohammed” defends the case against Ashutosh Rana “Santosh Anand”. At the end Santosh lost the case…..but…….the way he spoke the dialogues……the way he tried to make people wear “hum aur voh ka chashma”… the way he tried to accuse each and every person in the family and the way he re-introduced himself again after ages in a negative role. Kudos to him!

This Film gave a hell lot of intense Drama and even spread the message of Destructive stuff which is happening in the country… due to POLARISATION and also about polarised people in the film.

The Court Drama and Dialogue-baazi is way beyond the expectation & is just “Awesome”!

On a whole, I 100% recommend this film to each and every educated individual!