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Mumbai student scores passing marks in all subjects of Class X
Mumbai student

A Mumbai student named Akshit Jadhav has scored exactly 35 marks, the minimum marks required for passing, in all [T]he subjects in Class X examination of the Maharashtra Board. “He was surprised as he was expecting 55%,” his father said. “Many students can score in the 90s, but not all can score perfect 35 in each subject,” his father added.

Mumbai, Jun 9th – In one-of-its-kind feat, a boy from Mira Road locality neat Mumbai has scored exactly 35 marks, the absolute minimum required for passing, in every single subject in the SSC [Class X] exam of the Maharashtra Board.

After the results declared on Saturday, this student, Akshit Jadhav, who studied in Shanti Nagar High School on Mira Road, has become a talk of the town.

“He was surprised to see his score, as he was expecting 55 per cent,” said Akshit’s father Ganesh Jadhav.

After the results, Akshit has earned some media limelight with several local news channels & reporters rushing to his place to interview him.

“Students attempt every question in anticipation that they would get a high score, but they may end up with a low score. Akshit, on the other hand, secured minimum passing marks & we all are happy that he cleared the exam,” his father said.

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