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On World Emoji Day, here’s a look back at all the emotions we felt while watching ‘Game of Thrones’
World Emoji Day

On World Emoji Day, here’s a look back at all the emotions we felt while watching ‘Game of Thrones’. After a decade of binding our journeys together, ‘Game of Thrones’ ended earlier this year. The show was all about emotions. Whether angry, upset, sad, depressed, heartbroken, evil or lovely, it made us feel every emotion deeply & more so since we connected with the characters.

Right from season 1 episode 1 to the much-spoken-about finale episode of season 8, Game of Thrones was a journey like no other! We felt anguished by the time season 1 came to an end, & the feeling intensified, till our heads literally spun by the end of season 8.

Since it is World Emoji Day today & no other show made us experience so many emotions the way ‘Game of Thrones’ did, here’s taking a look back at some of the epic episodes & how we felt in the certain high & low moments of the show.

P.S: In case you haven’t been witness to the much-spoken-about series here, MAJOR spoiler alerts ahead.

Take a look here:

1. Dany Burns the Slave Masters

Dany Burns the Slave Masters

Clearly one of the most badass moments in GoT was when Dany kills the slave masters & frees the unsullied. Those were the times when we wanted Dany to say “Dracarys!”. We were all so proud of Dany when she only killed bad people.

2. Ned’s beheading

Ned’s beheading

Remember when we started watching GoT & thought, everything’s going to be fine & that at the end Ned Stark will sit on the throne. But then? Joffrey orders to execute him. Probably the most didn’t-see-that-coming moment in GoT. Where we all were like, “How can he die? Wasn’t he supposed to sit on the Iron Throne?”

3. Dany the Mad Queen

Dany the Mad Queen

Our queen pledged to be the savior, to fight the evil & rule wisely. But she clearly couldn’t handle the power. When she couldn’t rule, she decided to burn them all instead. Though we saw it coming, it broke our heart in tiny bits & pieces. Just why Dany!?

4. Theon captures Winterfell

Theon captures Winterfell

Theon was treated like a Stark, always. He was like a brother to Robb & what came for the Stark family? Betrayal is what. We understand that dad’s approval matters, but how can you go against the family that raised you?

5. The Purple Wedding

The Purple Wedding

Joffrey did some terrible things. He was one of the evilest people on the show. We all, at some point of time, wanted him to die, but watching him choking on his own vomit was obnoxious.

6. When Jon Snow died

When Jon Snow died

After Ned Stark’s death, Jon Snow’s assassination was the second most shocking scene & an amazing cliffhanger for a season which left us all in tears (season 5) wondering what the next season holds (season 6).

7. Arya killing Nightking

Arya killing Nightking

The little Stark girl grew up in front of our eyes throughout these seasons. Who knew she’d grow up to be this flawless fighter? She won all our hearts when she stabbed Nightking right through his heart, shattering him into pieces of ice.

8. Cersei blows Up King’s Landing

Cersei blows Up King’s Landing

One of the most cunning characters in the entire GoT universe, Cersei Lannister, could go beyond everything to get what she wants. We however never saw her blowing up a whole city. That move was extreme, even for her.

9. The Battle of the Bastards

The Battle of the Bastards

Whether you loved or hated Jon Snow or Ramsay Bolton, Battle of Bastards gave you an all-time high. It was one of the best war scenes of all time! With no clue of what’s coming, the end of the war made Jon a complete badass!