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Rival fans make aeroplane gestures to mock Sala’s death; arrested
Sala's Death

Two Southampton fans were arrested for mocking the death of 28-year-old Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala by making aeroplane gestures towards Cardiff City supporters during the teams’ Premier League match on Saturday. It was Cardiff City’s first match since Sala’s death was confirmed on Thursday, over two weeks after his plane vanished. Sala was travelling from France to join Cardiff City.

Two Southampton fans were spoken to by police & face bans from the club after they were filmed mocking Cardiff City supporters by making plane gestures in reference to the crash involving Emiliano Sala.

The fans were seen making the sick gestures with outstretched arms at visiting supporters during Saturday’s Premier League game at St. Mary’s, which Cardiff won 2-1. 

Footage of the incident has been circulating on social media, but it contains extremely strong language so discretion is advised.

The pair of fans were spoken to by stewards & also the police, according to the BBC.

Southampton has also released a statement condemning the fans’ actions. Such behaviour has no place in our game & will not be tolerated at St. Mary’s.

“Southampton Football Club can confirm that two fans were detained & had their details taken by police during our match against Cardiff City on Saturday.

“The club will continue to work with Hampshire Police to identify any individuals deemed to have made indecent gestures towards Cardiff supporters.

“The club will be taking an extremely firm stance against anyone involved & intends to ban those supporters identified.”