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The innovative pani puri dispensing machine is finally here
pani puri dispensing machine

Karnataka: Good news for Bengaluru street food lovers, the innovative pani puri dispensing machine is finally here. If there is one item that foodies can’t cross off their list, it’s the mouthwatering pani puri.

Irrespective of food preferences, there is nothing that the humble pani puri can’t do with its tangy, spicy tamarind water, which sets off a whirl of flavors when one bites into the crispy wheat or semolina puffs.

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But pani puri is a risky business as well. Especially when one hears horror stories of how hygiene standards are flouted when it comes to this popular street food. In a bid to solve this problem, Bengaluru has installed pani puri vending machines, to allow people to continue enjoying this dish, without compromising on quality.

[T]he innovation is the brainchild of Mr. Panipuri, a popular outlet in the city. With this, it aims to overcome challenges of maintaining hygiene, consistent taste & affordability. The company has installed the vending machines at two locations; one at ETA Mall, Binnypet & the other one at GT Mall, Magadi Road.

[T]he machine developed by Watershots, an Ahmedabad based Pani Puri vendor. Last year India’s first pani puri vending machine was installed at Ahmedabad.

With this, it wants to revolutionize the traditional method of serving Indian chaat while adding the choice of spice & ingredients, according to taste.

It is equipped with two containers & is priced at around Rs. 6 lakh.

In Detail

Bangalore: Food on the one hand in the city, but on the other hand is a new invention, a new eatery. Mr. Panipuri is an example of how people go in search of snacks if they are new & clean.

Mr. Panipuri has now introduced the most sophisticated & delicious Panipuri vending machine in Bangalore. The country’s first panipuri machine was introduced in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. See it. Tejas of Panipuri has introduced a delicate & clean, high-quality Panipuri machine for Bengaluru.

pani puri dispensing machin

Golgappa, usually sold on the roadside, is surrounded by a host of enthusiasts around Panipuri. But there is no question of cleanliness & quality. Other than that, Mr. Panipuri is delicious & pure & healthy. Introduced by Panipuri.

In the panipuri stall In general, a little savory, yet a little pani. But with this new machine, you can taste your favorite panipuri as much as you want. [T]he machine has three options: Bread, Medium & Sweet. Press your selection in the sensor-based machine & put the filling on the plate & pour the pani. It is also, if desired, sweet but sweet.

Currently, Mr. Panipuri Machine operates at GT World Mall in Magadi Road, Bangalore & ETA Mall in Binnypet. There was a variety of flavored panipuri, bought with the puri of your choice & joined hands with the pani machine.

Pani falls to Puri. 6 lakh for this machine. There is a cost. It was full of savory & sweet pani. Then the pani is available through the 5 tubes in the machine.

Tejas says people are very happy to introduce this new invention in Bengaluru. People, too, are the cleanest, healthiest & newest machine in Panipuri.


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