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Want to do Jasleen’s kanyadaan: Anup Jalota after calling affair scripted!
Bhajan singer Anup Jalota, who claimed his relationship with Jasleen Matharu was scripted in 'Bigg Boss', said he wants to do her kanyadaan.

Bhajan singer Anup Jalota, who claimed his relationship with Jasleen Matharu was scripted in ‘Bigg Boss’, said he wants to do her kanyadaan. “I met Jasleen’s father…and asked, ‘Will you call me for Jasleen’s wedding and let me perform her kanyadaan‘, he said, ‘Hum dono milke uska kanyadaan karenge‘,” Jalota said. He added he’s like a “father figure” to Jasleen.

Bhajan samrat Anup Jalota’s unconventional jodi with Jasleen Matharu had been the talk of the town, ever since they entered Bigg Boss 12 as a couple. Their candid confession added a lot of spice to the premiere night.

But post his eviction, Anup Jalota has taken a U-turn and how. He revealed that the two of them were never in a relationship and this union was just for the show. Not just that, recently in an interview he also said that he asked Jasleen’s father if he could do her kanyadaan.

What comes as a surprise is that Kesar Matharu who had disapproved of his daughter’s relationship with Anup ji, readily agreed to his request.

In a conversation with, Anup revealed “Kesar Ji and I had discussed that we would enter in as a guru – shishya Jodi. On stage, Jasleen said we were a couple. She was locked in six days before me. I had no time to react. I thought it might be a strategy and decided to play along. I can act a bit (laughs uproariously). I have told Kesar Matharu if he will let me do Jasleen’s Kanyadaan as and when she gets married. He said we will do her Kanyadaaan together.”

“It was a non-existent affair. But I did not know that I was so important. We have seen many couples with huge age difference but this kind of reaction is unwanted. I cannot understand this obsession about other people’s personal lives,” he added.

It will be interesting to see, how Jasleen will react to Anup’s shocking revelations once she is out from the house.